Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two major feng shui problems for high-rise condominium buidlings

After returning from a current trip to visit my son in Hong Kong, I have noticed that there are two important feng shui problems for people living in high-rise condominium buildings. I will discuss them in two parts as follow:

Part 1 – confused chi field caused by the steel reinforcement inside the concrete structure

Actually, I experienced this effect first-hand when I was checking out the feng shui of my son’s apartment. As I was measuring the compass orientation inside the unit to decide the Ba Gua map, I experienced immense difficulty trying to obtain an accurate reading, because the needle of my Lo Pan moved all over the place when I moved around the unit! At the end, I wound up taking the compass reading outside the building!

The main reason for this problem is primarily caused by the steel reinforcement inside the concrete structure which is affecting the magnetic needle of the Lo Pan (compass). In feng shui theory, this means that the chi field (磁場) inside the unit is not steady or pure, and this will cause health issues such as a headache, poor concentration in works and stress. In some serious cases where the occupants are considered as “weak body” (身弱) under the Ba Zi / Four Pillars Destiny System (for example, people with wood birth element was born in the Winter months); this may cause brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.  As a matter of fact, one of my previous clients who are living in a high-rise condominium unit in Toronto always complaining she has a constant headache and cannot sleep properly.

Therefore, after some serious thinking, I have come up with an effective feng shui cure and applied it in my son’s unit accordingly. So far so good for my son…😊 

Here I am glad to share this idea with my readers who are currently living in high-rise condominium buildings. Basically, what I have done is on an auspicious date and time, I put a professional Chinese feng shui Lo Pan at the center of my son’s unit which happened to be the living room, where the chi field is strongest at the center of the house/unit accordingly to feng shui theory.

At this time, some readers will question why using a feng shui Lo Pan, right? Well, let me explained my logic behind this idea. As we all know, the Chinese feng shui Lo Pan is a tool used by the feng shui practitioners to measure the complete feng shui of the house. All the engraved feng shui symbols such as yin/yang, heavenly branches and earthly stems, Ba Gua map, five elements, four celestial animals, 24 Mountains etc., all of these include a lot of energy which will counteract any sha chi and to a major extent it will create a unique environment of balanced chi field. In feng shui theory, it is applying the chi of the Early Heaven (先天) to dissolve the invisible Later Heaven (后天) sha chi.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Feng shui element of the English Alphabet Letters

In feng shui, when we are figuring out the element of the English letters, it is based on its shape and form. This information is very helpful when people are deciding on the logo or name of their company. Below I will demonstrate this idea for those people who are interested:

1. Letters that formed by straight lines: I, H, K, L, Y = wood element.

2. Letters that formed by a cross: A, M, N, V, X = fire element.

3. Letters that formed with a top horizontal line: E, F, T, Z = earth element

4. Letters with a circle and a hook: 0, C, D, G, J, R, P = metal element

5. Letters that formed with undulating shape: B, Q, S, U, W = water element

Let us look at an interesting example like the McDonald’s logo. In feng shui, the fire food industry is associated with the fire element. Therefore, we can see that the letter “M” for its logo is a good choice because the letter “M” is associated with the fire element, and it is further enhanced by the orange color which is also fire element. No wonder that they are the top company in the fast food industry!

On the other hand, this information is also handy when parents are trying to choose a name for a baby. Let say under the Four Pillars Destiny System or BaZi, water element is auspicious to the child, therefore, a name like Simon or Susan will be a good choice!